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Imagine feeling the confidence as a leader of knowing that your team will implement your plans with the same level of connection, clarity and accountability as you.

We work with leaders and their teams to unlock the potential hidden within your team by creating the space for teams to relax, focus and have the conversations that really matter.

Work in Teams believe organisational culture is determined at the team level so it is important to focus on teams to create a healthy high performing organisation. 

However, the challenge is the VUCA world which causes teams to become disconnected and distracted in delivering on their plans.

Unpredictable, dramatic changes that make determining cause and effect difficult.
Difficult to anticipate events and the uncertainty of what's ahead.
The nature and volume of information can be overwhelming.
Facing many unknowns where the demands of your organisation appear contradictory.

What is the VUCA world?

In what’s been a time of upheaval due to the ‘perfect storm’ of a pandemic, rapid digitisation and the transformation to a hybrid workplace some organisations have grown stronger, but others have fallen victim to what is referred to as the VUCA world. 

The term VUCA is taken from the military ‘theatre’ as a way of describing todays business landscape.

How should we best approach a VUCA world to be successful?

VUCA may seem like the enemy to business because of what it represents. 

However, as we come to understand it better, it’s clear that it also creates a way of change in terms of building healthy and high performing teams with a clear purpose and priorities that are able to be nimble and adaptive to stay ahead.

We work with our clients to turn VUCA on its head to create a high performance environment.

Manager to Coach - Work in Teams

We work with our clients to turn VUCA on its head to create a high performance environment by making the shift:

Using the mantra ‘ slow down to go faster!’ leaders and teams need no longer to be at the mercy of the VUCA world but use vision, understanding, clarity and agility to have conversations that really matter to deliver on the picture of success.

Manager to Coach - Work in Teams
Work in Teams

Our solution

There is no quick fix technology, magic methodology or ‘drive harder’ leader approach that will enable teams to be successful in this VUCA world.

Our focus is on embedding the High Performance Learning Loop in the team for good that runs even when the leader is not around.

Work in Teams guarantee a 20% improvement in team connection and clarity within 6 weeks.

Work in Teams programs

Executive Management Team - Work in Teams

Our partnership approach

We adopt a partnership approach to work with our clients. 

Work in Teams works with you and your team in a way that is personal and built on shared openness and trust and agreed expectations.


Our tools-based approach keeps things simple and easy.


Designed to be applied ‘today’ to real situations.


We only focus on what is useful. Minimal theory.


Fast-paced conversations and learning to get the best results.