Accelerate team performance

Accelerate Team Performance is a comprehensive team development program to help your team align, collaborate and evolve high-performance behaviours. 

Our services are available in online, hybrid and in person. The program includes:

Foundation 12-week program

Over 12 weeks your team will develop the skills and embed the behaviours and operating rhythms to achieve high performance outcomes.

The program includes personality profiling, diagnostics and surveys, online, hybrid or in person workshops, 1:1 and group coaching, quizzes, workbooks, tools and templates and a resource centre for additional reading.

Accelerate Team Performance - Work in Teams

Embed high performance

We help you build the internal skills to cascade Accelerate Team Performance across your organisation. The program includes workshops and coaching (team & individual).

  • Individual Resilience Coaching. 30 to 90 day plans.
  • Dynamic team coaching address and resolve key performance and engagement challenges.
  • Individual coaching. Address and resolve key performance and engagement challenges.

We offer a suite of masterclasses and deep dive programs to help you align, collaborate and evolve.

  •  Develop a customer mindset
  •  Hybrid working for leaders
  •  Emotional intelligence
  •  Coaching and feedback
  •  Building team resilience

Executive development program

Leadership development

We help executives tap into the skills and practices that lead to transformational and adaptive leadership presence.

Our executive leadership development program offers intensive 1:1 coaching, diagnostic tools, 360 and 180 Feedback, goal setting and reflection.

We work directly with senior executives to help them achieve leadership excellence in the areas of role modelling, inspiring vision, challenging process, engaging hearts and minds and enabling others to act.

Executive Management Team - Work in Teams
Leadership Offsite Work in Teams

Executive team leadership off-sites

We support executive teams to develop the vision and strategic direction of the organisation, plan for change, and develop organisational culture.

Our leadership off-sites include:

Executive team sessions including:

Manager to coach

Team leaders need to be highly effective in three capabilities to get results. 

We offer a series of 2-hour tool-box sessions that we mix and match to meet specific team needs.

Manager to Coach - Work in Teams